Christian (Deen) finds out his lover Tara (Lohan) is sleeping with the lead actor (Funk) of the movie that Christian’s funding, and decides to take matters into his own hands.

This film’s received a LOT of negative gossip and publicity.  To problems on set with the cast, to horrible reviews, nobody is throwing Canyons a bone.  But they don’t realize several things…

Lohan did a pretty good job.  I’m in no way a fan of Miss Lohan, nor of her tactics off-screen, but people have a way of stereotyping or judging without giving a chance.  Lohan nailed this role.  She displays why she was chosen for this film; talent.  She has a whole range in display, and nails almost every line and mannerism.

The film feels incredibly real.  The plot seems mostly credible, as characters live out actions that seem like they were plucked from real-life scenarios.  The pacing of the plot is also quite gripping.  I wasn’t once bored with watching the film, and wanted to know what happened next.  Isn’t that the point?  Lastly, the dialogue was amazingly authentic.  If you take at least one positive thing away from the film, is that the dialogue was extremely well-written.

However, a huge problem with The Canyons is that writer Bret Easton Ellis copied himself from another one of his works.  The character of ‘Christian’ is too similar to American Psycho’s Patrick Bateman. Both Bateman and Christian are narcissistic, controlling, sex-driven psychotics.  It also doesn’t help Deen’s case that his portrayal of Christian was mediocre at best.  His voice acting (although that could be contributed to bad ADR) and mannerisms, at most times, seemed robotic.

I had a ton of minor quirks, as well.  Nolan Funk reminded me too much of Jonathan Brandis.  I wanted to yell, “Martha!”, in my Rodney Dangerfield voice, everytime he got on screen.  The resolution was quite anti-climatic, but I suppose every independent film nowadays is.  And two technical problems were when people yelled in the film, the sound was blown out and the steadicam operator was absolute ass.

This film’s a lot deeper than you think it is and is a decent thriller, if you keep an open mind and give it a chance.